New Entrants Group
Aims Information For New Entrants Group
Our Aims could be summed up in just a few words "to stand on a level playing field" .Many of us have started our farming enterprises since 2003 (the base years ) in which a historical value was based this continues today to be the basis for sfp payments. The inequalities of this system are apparent to any farmer who has began farming since these reference periods. It also affects those that were just starting out and were just in the process of building their enterprises, others that have been adversly affected are those that have expanded their businesses. We aim to represent all of the above groups and also those wanting to start up in agriculture. Our aim as a group is to be able to compete in the marketplace knowing that you are receiving the same support levels as those established business's beside you , whether that be purchasing stock at the mart , or buying a tonne of barley seed.

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